What we do


The American Groups employees and their chairman Mr. Firas Mahmood have doing contracting business for 20 years. Mr. Mahmood said that “our company mirrors the characteristics of the palm tree through growth, strength and reputation. With each passing year, our legacy and longevity builds with roots firmly set in the core values and faith-based principles that guide us.” Currently, upon restructuring the company to meet the market demands, enhance the services and products, and fulfill the expanding commitments entailed by the rapidly increasing number of projects, The American Group is working and having the sole of Black Bronco Construction to support this mission. The Group was mainly involved in Building and Construction activities after During the past 20 years of hard working, American Group Company through its Building division, has broaden its portfolio of services and gained a solid base and rich experience in the field of Building Construction, including the construction of large scale Housing, Palaces, and Medical facilities etc. for both Government and private sector clients. This experience was earned from gulf countries Especially UAE- Dubai and moving to United Stares-Ohio


our job is uniquely focused on the individual building materials needs within its regional market. Whether it’s local climate, building codes, manufacturer preference or product requirements, at The American Groups, we offer one of the largest selections of specialized building, medical, life support, and industrial products in North America and other global products. Of equal importance is that our customers benefit from us through industry-leading service, reliable supply, product expertise, professional relationships and fair pricing.


our business in design, management, and consultants know that engineering / building design firms present unique challenges when looking at ways to maximize profit while still providing top notch service and expertise.  Managing and balancing, projects, timelines, budgets and people can be all consuming; and then finding leads and generating more business creates another level of complexity and challenges. Our services and studies does not stop to engineering fields, with our partners in other fields our mission go beyond expectations to improve ourselves.